Open app, take autograph, save it or share it , thats it! you are done. Easy? isn't it?

Additionally you can
1. Change background
2. Share autographs on Facebook / twitter
3. Change autograph pen color
4. Change pen thickness
5. Insert date and time of autograph.

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Today, the modern web and IT solutions demand integration of different technologies in a great way. Whizpool embraces new technology, and is always looking for ways to develop innovative and quality products. Whizpool is committed to provide the software industry with outstanding technology solutions and exemplary customer services that will enhance the business of our clients while making them more successful in there ventures.


Whizpool is an emerging technology company with proficiency in developing and implementing advanced solutions for enterprise applications, IPhone applications, web design and development and business automation toolsWhizpool employs a broad range of development skills to successfully execute a variety of software projects. Whizpool have the ability to transform imagination to reality.

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